Jill and Joe tied the knot earlier this year at the wonderful Achnagairn Castle just outside of Inverness.  Their wedding day was so great to be a part of and these guys were such a joy to spend the day with.  Every single one of their guests helped make me feel LIKE another guest on the day and they were all such a great bunch to be around.

Jill and Joe are both Architects so it was no surprise that I loved all their little touches and styling.  The geometric terrariums they used as lanterns were one of my absolute favourite pieces and I loved all the beautiful stationary which they designed themselves.  Floral arrangements were created by the incredible Wild Gorse who is always a delight to work with.  Make up was by the lovely Lisa Hart and Jill’s amazing dress was by Maggie Sottero.

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Other suppliers:

Hair – Paul Mulvaney

Cake – Cakes at No.9

Celebrant – Angie Alexandra

Band – Stravaig

Caterer – Achnagairn

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