Natalie & Matt Couple Shoot. Highlands, Scotland.

Recently, I joined the lovely Natalie and Matt for a few hours out in the wilderness of Kintail.  These folks currently live in Paris and are the talented couple behind Living in Clips (check it out).  We had a really great time talking and sharing ideas and just generally enjoying being out in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Here is a taste of what we got up to.
FULL RES001.jpgFULL RES002.jpgFULL RES003.jpgFULL RES008.jpgFULL RES011.jpgFULL RES014.jpgFULL RES018.jpgFULL RES019.jpgFULL RES021.jpgFULL RES022.jpgFULL RES023.jpgFULL RES024.jpgFULL RES027.jpgFULL RES030.jpgFULL RES035.jpgFULL RES034.jpgFULL RES032.jpgFULL RES033.jpgFULL RES031.jpgFULL RES036.jpgFULL RES037.jpgFULL RES038.jpgFULL RES041.jpgFULL RES043.jpgFULL RES056.jpgFULL RES055.jpgFULL RES046.jpgFULL RES064.jpgFULL RES066.jpgFULL RES061.jpgFULL RES065.jpg